The subtle mind with irrepressible lies. Masters aren’t we?


Last Sunday, I woke up early ready for an early morning jog and hurrah I was enticed by the thought of how great the day would turn out to be given my inconsistent insomnia. Being a skeptic I didn’t really root for nature’s signs, but the run rejuvenated me and it felt though I had found the cure to day-to-day issues. Just when I got back to my room, I had a sense of hyperventilation. Anyway, I took that as a cue to go ahead and do something productive for the day. But who was I kidding? It didn’t happen.

We make such promises to ourselves that we fail to keep and yet we yearn to our insight in times of need. We have made reality nearly far fetched due to our ignorance. But let’s face it, most of the issues we face are not sophisticated rather we make them despite the fact we try to inculpate someone or some factor for our loss. Of course, we are the hero in our world but that doesn’t mean you implement monarchy up in your head and order your brain to think in a particular way. Our mind is like a flat polygon, the number of sides increases with the number of issues we fail to eradicate and the diagonals depict that matters get worse and worse and the loop goes on.

But the answer does not lie in being completely honest with yourself. That could put us in unnecessary stress and in a state of melancholy. So sometimes we do need to be truthful to ourselves at the least. When it comes to uncovering the lies, most of us have similar patterns to fortify ourselves. “I know what I’m doing” is one of the most basic lies that we tell ourselves before making the biggest blunder. Why not pause for a moment and counter question that, if it’s legit then you’ll have an answer for what you’re doing else it’ll prompt you to put your hatchet down before it leads to butchery. Yes, such realization wouldn’t make us happy all the time but happiness isn’t all that’s there to cherish.

Sometimes we need to be angry or sad just to let it go. All the emotions have a reason, be it deep or meaningful. Same thing goes for the phrases starting with “If I had this/If I did that/If I had more time”. First of, no ifs. You have everything, but of course, we’re always in denial no matter how much we possess. We can make the best out of what we have if we don’t call on the carpet when we make a mistake. It can happen, it can draw us on a blank but it shouldn’t give to unprecedented lies which are, how it all begins.

We are own masters, but often we are defiant on taking the blame so we flaunt it. We have numerous reasons in our pockets starting from I can’t change because (suppose say I’m scared) to I can’t live without (suppose say smoking). As long as our beliefs aren’t questioned, it all goes well at least in our minds. But in reality, where do we stand? Why aren’t we avoiding the rocks or pushing them away when we see them in our path? Are we really that weak? After all, how can one trust a person who can’t trust himself? The answer lies within us.

A radical change could be far-fetched, but we aren’t all that bad. Being impulsive is human nature and being pragmatic should be our strength. We don’t need to always make the right choice, being incumbent is enough to deteriorate the hubris. Dollars to donuts, that if we change we will improve. Sometimes you have to admit it to yourself how you feel before the mind feels safe to do how it feels. Before we feel that the chance has slipped through our fingers like trickles of sand which could be dampened by the rain or swept away by the storm. Either way, we lose the opportunity. So enact before it’s too late. Follow your ethics as long as they seem legit. After all, the mason can’t complain about the constituents if he doesn’t like how the structure has been made.




2 thoughts on “The subtle mind with irrepressible lies. Masters aren’t we?

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