Encounters of a Third Kind


It was a dark dreamy night,
The thick fog blinding my sight.

I was on my way back home
From seeing a loved one’s tombstone.

The journey back home was in dead silence,
Like nature sobbing off a grievance.
My path now took me through the woods,
Where in utter silence, trees stood.

I could hear the wolf’s howl,
And the bear’s growl.
They did strike fear in my heart,
But the memories of what follow from me will never depart.

The memories that follow aren’t very clear,
But all I know is my car into pieces did tear.
Something on the road had taken a stand,
Something definitely not of this land.

I woke up tasting the tar of the road,
Wondering how the creature had sliced the car’s mould.
The creature while slicing the car,
Had gripped me, preventing the inevitable accident’s scars.

The car behind him, exploded
On my knees a heavy sigh I throated.
All my hits with ease he put down,
Exhausted in front of it I kneeled.

He stood there thin, naked and tall,
The moonlight shining off his big round head.
All he said flashed in my mind,
His emotions portraying in his eyes.

I Karl-O-Maur it said,
To mend your ways I have come.
I have seen many alternate lives,
And in every path darkness thrives.

For what joy have I been aimed,
For no evil seed have I laid.
A simple life is all I lead,
Spare my life, is all I plead.

Have no fear O’child,
I am no random animal of the wild.
There is greatness in each one of you,
All you have to do is broaden your view.

I have travelled into the future and past,
Seen man’s age till the last.
Your greed is what shall kill you one day,
And in your filth you all shall lay.

The future that I have seen isn’t necessarily yours,
Of the poor starve, while rich wage wars.
Mend your ways is all I say,
You can lead a good life in more than one way.

For now to you, I bid adieu,
Hope your path now has a clue.
Someday in the future we shall meet again,
Don’t let my warning go in vain.

And in a moment, the road went blank,
All I saw was my car in pieces.
His words were imprinted in my mind,
And this was my encounter of the third kind.





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