When did you lose your …nity?

There’s a good chance you’ve mistaken the title for something more alluring. You deserve a brownie point if you could fill in the dots accurately and have the apt answer – this post is not for you. A rhyming word to the afore-assumption but something most of us have lost unanticipatedly; dignity.

So when was it? Maybe it was during the time you crossed the line, altering your persona to impress that special someone. Maybe it was the time when you defied your conscious to earn more. Maybe it was the time when you thought fame could get you everything. But come to give it a thought – the harder a person tries to be perfect, the more he suppresses his true nature and that is when you have lost your dignity. Simply because one can’t expect to be perfect, but one can be better – going one step further at a time.

I’d be naïve if I said we shouldn’t color outside the lines, but to preserve the art it has to be minimal and compensated. A fish tries to slip away each time we try to catch it and that’s what we do each time something catches up to us. We are running in different directions but once you stop you’ll face the reality, just like the fish out of water. But to avoid that, we never stop running because the minute we do not only it’s going to catch up to us; it’s going to run us over.  So now what? Let it go. To stop running, one needs to sacrifice something and that’s when dignity is restored.

Sometimes being ignorant makes us feel that we are in the driver’s seat but often it’s those things we hide which are the most obvious to the people around us. Someone will eventually switch off the accompaniment. Up until then, fate’s version of musical chairs will continue apace, although some would have already grabbed their seats. As Bill Cosby says, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is to please everybody.”



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