We are not alone

“Don’t switch off the light. I’ll get scared.” I was amused by sister’s need to switch on the corridor lamp that served as her guardian angel. “I’ll be sleeping in the next bed; you have nothing to worry about.” I said.  But she was hesitant. She believed she was afraid of the dark; rather she was afraid of being alone in the dark. It is a common thought to feel alone, but are we really alone? People from different walks of life unite in this thought – we are not alone. A theist knows someone is watching, an agnostic believes in a higher power and an atheist knows he’s not alone in his thought.

A myriad of times we come across situations where we lose hope, not knowing what to do or whom to approach. But the truth is that every time we feel we are alone, the entire universe conspires to help you in a way or another. These are the times when we need to lay down our skeptical guard to feel accompanied. These so-called “dark times” are more or less an inevitable part of our lives. So even though we have to walk alone in the dark, we needn’t walk alone because there’s always someone.

There are times where we feel alone due to stress. We become immersed in our studies or jobs or incorrigible lifestyle that we fail to notice the small things in life. It creates a void that alters into a sense of being alone – being engrossed in one’s work thus not being able to spend time with family or friends. What others don’t realize – and what we must realize is that is there is a bridge that connects these paths. We may be busy with our lives, we may not have time to talk to someone, at times no time for even ourselves. Sometimes we don’t have control over these things – a feeling that we are superimposed with a burden. There’s no one to inculpate for these happenings, but there’s always a silver lining in some form like the manna from heaven. You’ve to just look for it. After all, “coincidence is fate’s favorite tool”.

There are other times where we feel our suffering is greater than other’s problems. But knowing someone else is worse off won’t change anything. We realize our truest self in solitude. There’s a saying that genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains and that could be the answer – karma testing our strength. Being understood may be an underrated pleasure but having the feel that we are not alone is priceless.



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