The Deceptive Edge

Greetings mate, we once again meet,
I am Karl-O-Maur and my knowledge is what you need.
I have travelled back and forth in time,
So, that i can bear witness to man’s crimes.

In the beginning, there was man,
Sitting on top of the evolutionary stand.
It is said God made him in his own image,
The greatest creation of all ages.

A conscience to survive he had,
And ability to differentiate the good and bad.
Humanity was the reason he wouldn’t go astray,
Differentiating him from the primitive savages who slay.

Alas, everything good ends up corrupt,
The evil he kept within him into the good did erupt.
All his thoughts into bad ideas were converted,
And violated all principles he had once kept.

Day and night humanity bled,
From the light into darkness it was led.
Life would be merry if he hadn’t been so greedy,
Snatching all and slaying the needy.

Greed had consumed them all,
Everything that was provided felt too small.
Ideals of brotherhood were all forgotten,
Faith of man till eternity was blotted.

But why is man always pointed,
It wasn’t his idea to do all this slaughter.
Everyone knows corruption has a source,
Definitely from a vengeful entity with no remorse.

The entity sits on its flaming throne,
Minding the punished dwellers of hell.
He looks and mocks your weakness,
He knows everything created has a price.

He whispers in the ears of man, lies
Of a glorious future even though false.
In life man is like a condemned prisoner trying to leave,
He believes what he wishes but cannot achieve.

You are not to blame for your ideas,
But allowing them to grow is as big a sin as any.
What you get later was never what you wished,
But an intention the devil had seeded.

Go tell men of what i have seen,
The disasters you made, is where i have been.
This is the devil’s deceptive edge,
All he wants is to topple you off the ledge.



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