I sit here in a rocket,
The epitomy of human engineering at my base.
Few seconds to the lift,
The start of a historic migratory phase.

Earth they say is at its last limb,
Human endeavors have scarred it deep.
The need to feed lead to greed,
The cost of survival rising steep.

They say now the only way out is up,
The only way we survive, is by going away.
Our departure from here will let our children see,
Of the beauty that once was but now shall never be.

“Why do we leave? ” a question i ask,
Is facing your demons such a ruthless task?
No soul thought when they started, this was how it would end,
That we in our quest would scar something on which we depend.

For everything that happened was from our hands done,
All in the name of survival and some in the name of fun.
Why do we destroy everything so elegantly made?
Is it in our nature to plunder and run?

Why not stay and repair,
What happens if we invade a foreign land and end up in despair?
We know not of what the extremities of the beyond hold,
Do we really put our faith in those tales told?

What if the discovery is flawed?
And we face a foe that kills us before our gears fold?
We know not of what awaits us out there,
Of what nightmares those mysteries behold.

We all know, that science originates from a hunch,
Answers to the ‘why’ in a bunch.
Is this leap of faith, how you want your place in history?
Our ends destined in a place of mystery?

All we know is that this place is where we were born,
And if we try it will thrive without us gone.
But man, leaves when the going gets tough,
Abandon any task that might get rough.

It saddens me that my children won’t see this place like i did,
Of lush green hills and sandy deserts.
Of bright sun over cornfields,
And ice cold winters that give us snow.

But I’ve heard the place where we are going is like this place was,
The place where we could survive and make new laws.
For what has been done is a matter of the past,
Regretting over it, will not let us last.

Don’t fret over what has passed they say,
Our actions had costs and those we pay.
We cannot undo this course and reverse the damage,
All we can do is move on with what we have salvaged.

I wish I could stay and undo,
The actions that affect the many were done by a few.
But I have to believe that “Our departure from here will let our children see,
Of the beauty that once was but now shall never be.”

temporal nomad

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