The Reaper’s Night

I slept in the warmth of my blanket,
Through the dark thunderous night.
Sleep deprived and endless thoughts run,
Through the dimensions of my mind.

The brief lightning casting shadows,
Of things unknown till morning tomorrow.
And in those figures I see someone stride,
Coming towards me with steps striking fright.

He reached the end of my bed,
The sparks of thunder lighting his hooded head.
“Who art thee?” I ask,
“I am Reaper Grim, taking your soul is my task”.

Desperate and frantic, I cry,
Was this how fast, I die?
I am still young and strong,
I still have to do things along this life far too long.

“No! Please a life to live I have”, I beg,
Many a things to do till the last.
Why my soul to take tonight, go back
I will be ready in sometime for that.

You said the same to me a long time ago,
And to your request I did bow.
Ever since you have lived a life in greed,
Not giving anything to the one who is in need.

Your soul has gone corrupt and dark,
And your lord has given me orders stark.
I am not going back empty hand,
So, until you explain here I stand.

Tell me why your soul should not be taken,
While poor hearts with grief are shaken.
Why a person who has done so little may live,
While others generous die acliff.

Ok! I promise to be a good son,
Worth the praises of many generation.
People shall be happy athrough,
And my soul you can take anew.

If from my promise I stray, then do as you please,
For this life i have lived, to me was leased.
I shall then depart this world with not a fight,
Silently through the dark and into the night.

I hope to your promise you live,
Don’t anger him again like this o’jive.
I leave with the hope of a changed you,
Live life to be among the noble few.

And just like that the reaper went,
Leaving me staring at his stick’s cast dent.
His shadow cast on my bedroom walls,
From now if I sin, my death shan’t be stalled.

I live now like everyday is my last,
Trying to heed to my lessons from the past.
His visit has forced upon me the light,
The visit that I shall remember as the reaper’s night.

temporal nomad


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