Happy __ to you!

Day 7672, completed 22 years of living. “How old is he?” called out a person from the crowd gathered to surprise me with cake. But the puerile behavior for such occasions meant tarnishing the person supposedly celebrating his birthday. What followed was a series of events that any person enduring it would undeniably not enjoy. But being this age, meant something different – 21 meant legal. You’re actually classified an adult, although, in a tradition where responsibilities are yet to be a burden to such “youths”, the term adult is irrelevant. You are in a transition before the transition. So being in a subspace, you are encouraged to be part of the bigger picture – which you have absolutely no idea. And here you are, waiting all along for this moment yet this or a coalescence of “this moment” is what you may forget when you are an adult. Because this is before that struggle and yet it is camouflaged with it. But if you do remember this, you were, in fact young, wild, and free.

So this is that time, where you stand in commodity queues too young to be there yet old enough to not get special privilege. Each time you do a task, you are either naive to be there or you are urged to show exuberance. It’s rather an unavoidable impediment because this is what you’ve been wanting all your childhood – to grow up and now you have shaken off that parallax you’ve been witnessing all along to exclaim any grotesque remark.
But as an adult, you don’t look back at those moments, even if you do, you see them as a learning curve, quite the opposite of what one feels then. So that brings the question, is the older you or the younger you perspectively correct? Reality tugs to beg to differ. Because it simply comes with the sense of maturity. By theory, every person has a child and an adult characteristic in them – both of course influenced by a plethora of features. But as any algorithm goes by, your actions even if distanced by a span of decades is your doing. So by perspective, both of you are not wrong yet it doesn’t bow down to the learning curve if regret is not a factor.

What fascinates me about this youthful age is that feeling of freshness when you open a present or that smell of opening a new book – these remain intact in the loop even after you become an adult. But, receiving your first gadget or winning a coveted prize for the first time or maybe that first kiss from someone special aren’t going to have a replica and that’s how it’ll be – special in that moment. This age is a cornucopia of firsts. Here, you are at the apex of your dreams, not marred by the reality yet. Here, you are dancing in your head to a groovy track stealing a wink from the mirror. So in all that commotion, it’s okay to fret about uncertainty, it’s okay to be effervescent at whatever lemons life throws at you, it’s okay for so many things that may be deemed to be not okay (obviously bearing in mind what’s not okay is still not okay). So you don’t survive your youth, you blaze fireballs out of the cannons, you brace what’s coming because, in the longer run, any stumble is going to turn into a scratch, not a scar. And when you do become that adult (yo-yo your mind to the future) look back at these little moments and sprinkle the glitter.




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