The Park

Son, it is time you know,
Of how i, your father into this man have grown.
Let me tell you of a place called – the Park,
Placed at the edge of the world where i learnt to make my mark.

It is the place that made me what I am today,
Into an iron moulding bull from calf chewing hay.
It was my rite of passage,
Where I became a respected man from a juvenile savage.

It’s not a rehab neither a school,
It is but a park, for the outlawed fools.
The place where you cry till your shirts soaked in tears,
The only way out is by facing your fears.

Acquaintances in your journey would offer to help,
Only to stab you when they find your incrementory step.
In this world of liars you need to know who to trust,
To believe in those who are noble and just.

You think you know what the world holds in store,
But it isn’t anything like your imaginary golden shore.
People don’t shake hands to be friends like they tell,
They’re worse than your criminals bound for hell.

You will face a lot of challenges on the way to your dreams,
I want you tear them open by slicing through the seams.
I have seen your ambition and your vision,
And I know how determined you are to your mission.

People at your age believe they can grab the world by the horns,
But I being your father wouldn’t want you walking on thorns.
The park is the first milestone of your journey,
A journey that may last an eternity.

The park is a privilege of but a few,
And you have to go there before your time stands due.
It is time you see the place,
The place that taught me how to run in this rat race.

When I was there, it was a place of the young,
Where people faced their fears and war anthems they sung.
The world is filled with challenges of which most people get scared,
But you see others memorialized – the ones who dared.

I have a lot of regrets in life,
Times when I couldn’t move forward for I was afraid
Scared of what lay in wait,
Fear of changing my state.

But time showed me that little steps had their own rewards,
For holding back had bigger regrets than slowly moving forward.
I kept moving hoping I would achieve,
All my dreams and everything that I believe.

May you go in as a child and come out a man
Live to achieve greatness in this mighty land.
Don’t be afraid to take the leap,
For the seed of courage has a delicious reap.

So go son go,
Off to The Park,
The place at the edge of the world,
The place before the dying dark.

temporal nomad


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