Old Man Logan’s goodbye

Director :- James Mangold

Cast :- Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart. Dafne Keen

Thriller :- Superhero, Action

I remember watching the trailer of Logan – the farewell movie to the beloved Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of “The Wolverine”, the background track of the trailer runs with the lyrics “Oh, father tell me now. Do we get what we deserve?” and it really was everything we deserved. All of Wolverine’s mind – numbing and evolving traits punched into one last film – for one last time!

Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long. – Wolverine

Wolverine is a character that i have grown with all my life. In 2000 when the first X-men came out in theaters i was all but a kid then, my brother who was in his prime was watching it and was fascinated by it, I had no idea who that was but still did the pencil in between my fingers stint a bit too long. I remeber him being amazed at Wolverine’s claws poking the man’s throat but now my kid will have to see it from the archives rather than in a theater, that saddens me.

Wolverine has had a difficult life on the big screen throughout. He has been shoved with criticism most of the time with X-Men Origins : Wolverine, X2 etc and granted applauding reviews for his performance in The Wolverine and now Logan. All in all, before deadpool – Wolverine was FOX Studios biggest cash cow, you could see it in a lot of aspects such as when they needed a beefed up rating for X-Men Apocalypse they put a Wolverine Cameo or the Wolverine getting his own solo movies etc.

So, let’s discuss the plot and the movie subjectively here. Almost everyone must have seen the movie already so i am not going to put a Spoiler alert ban here.
The movie follows Logan played by the legendary Hugh Jackman, who is in hiding and has taken a job as a rented limousine driver. He comes under fire trying to blend in with the common folks. He lives with Professor X and Caliban (Stephen Merchant), two of the last surviving mutants. Professor X (Patrick Stewart ) has a mental condition that gives him a seizure which incapacitates the people around him with Wolverine and Caliban keeping him sedated to prevent an episode which events tell are the reason for a disaster in some other part of the country resulting in a tragedy at the Xavier’s school. Logan who is struggling with his mortality due to a biological condition crosses path with a girl part of the X-23 project named Laura(Dafne Keen) who is made by a cross with Logan’s DNA with a Mexican lady. Her nurse rescued her from the Spigen research facility who has been creating mutants as weapons and subduing the mutation in common people causing the last of the mutants to have been wiped out close to 25 years ago. He takes her to a safe haven in Canada called Eden whilst fighting his own mortality and the Spigen hounds sent after them where he faces his clone, made at his prime that he fights until his last breath.
That is the plot most of the way, FOX isn’t as good with crafting intricate plots I would say. So, with the plot being out of the way let’s analyse the movie. The movie was by far the most human of all the X-Men movies. Even if you remove the claws and mutant combos you could still have a good movie worth watching. Hugh Jackman is let’s be truthful a very talented and gifted actor, who by his performance feels like has been waiting for a shot at a Wolverine film like this for ages now. Where, he doesn’t slash as much because he can’t or won’t. Patrick Stewart another legend lost a ton of weight for the film to portray an elderly and sick Charles Xavier. His acting chops totally pulled off the weight of the film, the way these two acted it really felt like the movie’s caption – End of an Era. There were other wild card entries into the film like the previous X-Men movies who performed significantly but did not have an astounding effect on the emotional weightage of the film, they let’s be honest are like a lot of background characters in the X-Men universe that nobody actually cares about like – Spike in X-Men 3: the last stand. The one in the following picture, ring a bell? Didn’t think so.


The little girl – X-23 or Laura even though was a relatively new face in the universe played a mgnificent part. I have to admit, her spanish was kind of annoying but her fighting skills were a pretty benchmarked perfect. She portrayed the treatment she went through to become a weapon perfectly. I really wish i could see the other kids in action too apart from the short scene in the end but the movie was not about them sadly, maybe a future             X-Force movie who they may portray might lead to them. The bad guys in the movie were all okay but i particularly liked was Boyd Holbrook’s Pierce and his bionic arm. That was one miracle of an arm apart from his wit. He had just the right words to use at the exact moment maybe they picked it up from GOTG or maybe not, i wouldn’t know.
The movie was amazing and got me tear eyed by the end like almost every normal person who watched it. You had emotional heart wrenching scenes as when Laura cries holding a wounded Logan or when Logan bashes his car angry that he let Xavier or the family at the farm die. These are things you have come to expect off of a Wolverine off late especially since the Wolverine where Logan has faced a life full of losses and is yearning to die but sadly can’t. And in the end when he says,”So, this is how it feels like” you are confused as to what he is referring to but you are glad that he is dead and at peace. He could be referring to death or peace either of which you wouldn’t know.
The movie was atoundingly great but it certainly had it’s flaws. Let’s start with the villains of the movie. The big bad of the movie was Wolverine’s youth – the X-24! The movie more or less was Logan dealing with his old age and the fight scene with the clone just kept you grasping for air. You had slashing in anger by the human older version while the cyborg clone just took the its only to heal later. You could see Logan gasp at how his younger self performed, of how ruthless, strong and claw scratchingly good he was. You could see the fight was meant to be savage. The cuts though affected Logan were just a graze on the X-24. But the clone seemed like a mindless cyborg at the hands of doctor Zander Rice – the brains behind the mutant program. The Wolverine that we knew of was a trained hunter, one who was downright savage and gave his opponents a mocking chance to kneel before running behind them but this clone did nothing of that. Was he strong and brutal? Yes. Was he an appropriate villain for Wolverine? I doubt it somehow. I feel FOX never actually takes the pain of formatting a worthy villain for it’s movies and when it does, it falls short (Apocalypse in X-Men : Apocalypse or Stryker and his kid in X2), it has very rarely kept the human villains vaguely powerful such as in the Wolverine or in X-Men : Days of Future Past where it kept the post – apocalyptic sentinels real. Let’s move on now, how did Wolverine start dying? Apart from a vague reference to Zander Rice’s father being the one who put adamatium aka the poison in Logan’s body there is no solid reference to what is actually killing him. Theories state it could be the adamantium while others tell maybe in the alternate reboot of timeline it could be that the parasite, the viper in the Wolverine placed could still be there preventing him from healing but we will never know.
Like i said the movie had a lot of good parts which far outweigh the bad. FOX has been so far the best in one thing remarkably and that i feel is the transition of characters such as the transitioning of Patrick Stewart’s – Professor X to James MacAvoy’s – Professor X or Ian Mckillen’s – Magneto to Michael Fassbender’s – Magneto or Famke Jannsen’s – Jean Grey to Sophie Turner’s – Jean Grey or in short from the new timeline to the rebooted timeline unlike Marvel who just threw Mark Ruffalo into Hulk rather than showing what happened to Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. But they understood that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine can’t be replaced and they respected something every other filmmaker in this genre should understand.


All in all, Logan was worth the wait and a very gifted farewell to one of the founding pioneers of the X-Men cinematic universe and it will be a pity that they won’t be able to portray Wolverine in all the other roles Wolverine has been portrayed in, in the comics. But, now that Wolverine is dead, we should say our goodbyes and move on to X-23.

My Rating :- Amazingly Crafted


temporal nomad


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