The overview effect

I lifted her up as she toppled over a small rock, she was always so enthusiastic to embark on patches of unfamiliar greenery. Here, it was a rather tricky pathway that lead to the mangroves – a quick escape from our lavish picnic. I picked up the kayak, as she exclaimed “Papa, the sailor!”. As I’d steer the ship in the vastness that I’m surrounded with, I manage to shake off the nonplussed emotion. I was a space sailor or as you are familiar with the Greek derivative – Astronaut.

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface.

Dear diary,

As a child’s dream to fly out of the earth, it was worth the rigorous selection process – being academically knowledgeable, long piloting hours experiences and the ideally physically fit candidate. It was as though an entry to a utopian experience. Once you become an astronaut candidate, you learn from microgravity to buoyancy to medical procedures and other survival know-hows. But at the time, you’re still in awe at what you’re going to experience. Being in space wasn’t just about witnessing a cosmic shift, work had to be done. But being the pilot, meant studying the moon amongst having more time in hand. Keeping aside the struggles of living in a spacecraft, by theory you could see the sunrise 16 times a day.

As you scratch the surface of the earth, you see water bodies and land covered in a blanket of an atmosphere so delicate like a peelable screen protector – to realize that we’re being protected from being sucked into the black hole by mother nature with such care and our hubris knows no bound. To see magic carpets of Aurora lights dancing to the genie-yielder below it, to see city lights glowing and uplifting the modern lifestyle, to see thunders like a self-ignited wayward spark, to see desserts like oceans stretching boundless, to see oceans like the mystical fountain source connecting and keeping the balance intact. Boundaries start to vanish and if one were to call home, it was the spherical amalgamation of life right in front of you. It didn’t matter that you hailed from the countryside where norms were the order of life or customs to be followed in order to lead some pre-described routine. It didn’t matter that you hailed from a lush town where things were readily available to you and you created opportunities from air to lead an apparently successful life.

Here, you realize your life is much more valuable than you think. We aren’t some programmable clay structures to keep the earth going. In fact, it’s the other way; mother nature has been programmed to sustain life as much as it can. There’s a story about a *

tree that gives a fruit to a hungry man, afterward, he asks it for wood and gladly obliges, even after providing the oxygen the man needed.*

Did it retaliate? No, it served its purpose, which is more than what one can tell about themselves, rather than being a pathetic excuse of a life form. One does not need to invoke any spirituality to lead a life. You could choose a religion as a way of life, you co-exist within those set boundaries like the perfect union of sets. In multiple dimensions, everything could yet be connected without a void like reversing polarities of magnets.

From a cosmic viewpoint, this is a cyclic universe where we live in. The earth is merely a point in the infinite universe that is loop recycled. But human consciousness is a unified deity bearing intra-dimensional connections with plausible reincarnation; with it comes plausible uncertainty about the astral plane that has been promoted by occult teachings. Karma, they say or some things happen for a reason to restore the nature’s balance. But in doing so, you are attenuating the aura attached to each form in a perishable spiral. There’s no definite curve algorithm that can be followed. One needs to complete an arc in their own way – state of purpose? The journey that in turns to an expedition is from and to a source. It is possible, that the overview effect is caused by a reverse certainty effect coupled with a change in psychology at great heights. But rebuttal of facts is what gets us in this mess anyway.

(To be updated)



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