A Letter From The End

It is the last thing I remember,
First contact with them last November.
The day “The New World” went up in flames,
An act for which no god could be blamed.

The departure was a success and a new home was found,
A climate – similar to earth’s undamaged land.
They told the natives left the surface a long time ago,
Perhaps running away from the demons about whom we now know.

The world that we had settled in was built on a lie,
A secret, the government knew but chose to deny.
For who would leave a land so pristine and pure,
A land that had a hypnotizing allure.

But man’s heart is a bottomless pit,
It takes what it likes with no regret.
But soon so often, nature fights back,
What I shall now mention is a regretful fact.

The first few days were blessed,
But what followed were months of distress.
The drilling into the ground woke the demons of the past,
Earth was not the only danger we faced and this shall neither be the last.

The demons escaped their cells and killed people by the bunch,
Their first attack was on our landing’s 1st anniversary lunch.
It took them a few days to round up the last of the men,
They butchered the guards from outside the fence.

The sweet water of the fall turned salty red,
The bustling noises in the mill went dead.
This was their home and they were hunting us,
It wasn’t our land and now we had broken their trust.

The rest of us ran for our lives,
But time just made them angry and multiplied their strength.
The ones that weren’t killed fled to space,
The vicious demons thankfully were a grounded race.

There are just a few of us remaining,
Traumatized by the horror we have seen.
Of the place that we thought was heaven,
And the hell through where we have been.

Our supplies are starting to run low,
Most of us are sick due to our run from them in the snow.
Death is around the corner for us all,
Sadly, this is where our colony falls.

In my last words, I shall say,
Go back to earth, for it is the only place where we shall be safe.
We live, destroy and move on,
Something that we have become really good at.

God made it a safe haven away from heaven,
Its creation with with its laurels of day seven.
What we have done is our fate to bear,
Fix what you can for your future to stay.

It is time we take blame for what we have done,
Not everything can be done and forgotten in the name of fun.
It is a lie that hell, is hot as fire,
The hell that we have seen is in darkness of the sky filled with the devil’s desire.

I have received calls from everywhere ending in distress,
I warn you! Go back, space shall never be the heaven earth was.
Quit letting others take the blame for your fault,
For it is all of us together now and bad decisions will end us all.

Hope you listen and won’t let our deaths be in vain,
Our joy turned to misery and our lives ended in pain.
This is the last transmission that I can send,
This is alas, The Letter from the End.



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