The Forgotten Dream

I sit here at my desk, through the silent night,
Being a good employee sorting and scrolling through files.
It is a holiday tomorrow but nobody cares,
Nobody mentioned it before and they tell my cribbing isn’t fair.

This job shall keep me off the street,
A lie i told myself to earn ends meet.
This work i do has nothing to do with what i’v learnt,
After a life’s hardwork is this what i deserve?

In all this sorrow, i felt the lights go out for a minute,
There was something in the dark, something stood in it.
The dark adjusted my eyes and what i saw, i froze,
A ghost stood there, no longer behind my closet door.

Every kid has a nightmare he fears,
This man who stood there was the sum of all my tears.
His presence reminded me of a long lost past,
His name was hollow-face and this encounter will be my last.

“Hello”, he says addressing an old friend,
“Don’t worry this isn’t your end.”
Do you remember me, from when you were a child?
The promise you made to me back then, but looks like you lied.

Of the promises you made of – dreams,
Dreams that you said you would follow.
But look at you, a corporate slave,
Lying to yourself with facts, so shallow!

Don’t mock me for what i have become,
I am not proud of half the things, i have done.
You wouldn’t understand why i did this, you aren’t real,
Life has a certain way of working and this is how.

You have grown a lot since we last spoke,
And i know, you aren’t as naive as before.
Of the rain and storms we imagined to have braved,
Of the horrors behind the door and bed i had staved.

Back then my presence scared the life out of you,
But look at our conversation now, as though i am nothing new.
You have faced a world of horrors,
Fought through raging seas.

And you think i know nothing but little of who you have become,
Remember i set you free but i have always been there.
Seen you run and strive,
In this brutal world i only wish to see you thrive.

I may not know of this grown man you are,
But i know of the little kid who i never wished to scar.
He dreamt a dream so fierce,
A dream that blew my mind.

People have come and most have changed,
But i am here to tell that you needn’t be scared.
Greatness in a sense is a lot like a hound,
All it takes is a whiff of a fleshy, meaty pound.

But granted i take a dare and jump,
What about the people in me who trust?
They will think of me a coward, traitor and will be decieved,
All the sacrifices i have made will be buried.

Do you think you are the only one who will ever work?
You leave and they’ll replace you with another clerk.
They were ambitious just like you once,
To achieve a goal, to attain which nobody ever had the guts.

You work for them today, someday, someone else will for you,
For success kneels in front of the daring and those are few.
I set nobody free unless they’re worthy,
Of fulfilling a dream they saw, which everyone else tells is murky.

The lights came back and he was gone,
I logged into the system and told,
“This is a job with which i am blessed,
But god gave me a life and this isn’t where i am supposed to be.”

That was my last day there and i haven’t looked back ever since,
I am the center of my world and around me it spins.
The person in the shadows may have been changed,
But everything in here is true.

I changed my direction but it was they who gave me the push,
I realised that what i wanted was where i should be.
Hence, Sitting in my office sifting through data streams,
I realised what i wanted, alas “the forgotten dream.”

– temporalnomad


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