The “Incorporated” future

Producers :-  Ted Humphrey, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Todd

Cast :- Sean Teale, Dennis Haysbert, Allison Miller, Julia Ormond.

Genre :- Drama, Sci – Fi

So, once again while my bored mind needed to feast on some sci – fi futuristic mumbo jumbo, I came across this new series called Incorporated.

The first few moments were fine until the casting pulled up and they showed it’s executive producers – Batfleck and Matt Bourne co-producing a project? Well, this ought to be good. Ben Affleck who produced and acted in a multitude of amazing movies will obviously make a good show and he didn’t disappoint. Though every episode I hoped there would be a Ben Affleck or Matt Damon cameo but sadly there wasn’t but not that I am complaining.

Today marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 29th amendment, granting corporations the sovereignty we needed and deserved. An act which freed us from the incompetence, regulations and tyranny of the federal government. We make our own laws, we supply the security. We do the things which government is no longer able to do. God bless America, and God bless Spiga. – Elizabeth Krauss

So, the show is about a futuristic torched (maybe post – apocalyptic) world where the governments due to their helplessness are almost extinct and corporations in the last day of the government have taken the reigns. They now stay in the “Green – zone” – an ionized walled society, militarized and luxurious to give their employees all luxuries to develop products for their capitalistic expansions and extortion of the poor. The poor stay out in the world, a world where the sun has scorched the earth, water is dirty and food is scarce. Set in this backdrop is the story of a young man Aaron/Ben Larson ( Sean Teale) who sets out to rescue and reunite with his childhood love Elena (Denyse Tontz). He takes the help of Theo – Elena’s brother (Eddie Ramos) and Jonathan Hendrick (Damon Herriman) to do so. The story takes him through the society, how they are built and the mindset of people to flourish.

Incorporated - Season 1
Aaron / Ben Larson being interrogated by Julian using EVERCLEAR

The show was an amazing one and it’s a pity they didn’t agree to renew it for a new season. But we have to be satisfied with what we have and not dwell in the what – if’s. So, let’s review the season I saw and after reading this review you do too.

The actor’s aren’t very famous but they did portray their roles to perfection. Sean Teale plays Aaron – a boy in the red zone who moves in illegally to the green zone under the disguise of Spiga (a biotech corporation) to rescue his love – now an escort. He is by far the most overwhelming character, not only because of how he plays a double life but also of how the character had to deal with the stress of work/family/secret quest/ his brain using the best improvised use of the technology around him.

Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer from 24) played the head of security at Spiga – a gritty and dark rooted man who regrets continuing a line, the military life has put him on and wants to change but some people can’t get out due to the image they have formed in people’s minds. He portrays the character very well and even though sometimes you feel bad for the times he goes after the protagonist you actually sympathize with him.

Interrogation in the silent room

Other characters such as Julia Ormond (Elizabeth Strauss – Head of Spiga), Elena, Eddie Ramos, Allison MIller etc were all supporting actors but were very crucial to the roles they portrayed  which is true to almost any movie/ tv show.

The acting and backdrop were all great but these would mean nothing if not for the convincing reality of the picturisation, scenery and TECHNOLOGY. Yes, technology played the most crucial part. You often have big screen representations of futuristic societies and how the world is doomed but it just doesn’t feel so real. Mainly because of how the production team has made you feel all along. But this show was different. Movies have a maximum of 3 hours to showcase their entire concept, artwork and ideas. 3 hours let’s be honest is way too less a time to actually pull off something like that. That’s why TV shows are the new thing, they have a good budget these days and a lot more time. The technology used were just way too good – Nano sutures to stitch small wounds, artifiical heart sold commercially, ionised air in corporation societies to protect against the heat, advanced guns/ drones etc all pulled off an environment of the future that felt like a world that went bad just before it was starting to get better. Apart from the technology, the backdrop of the time also pulled off a convincing play – oil wars between corporations, lack of governments, 7 dollars for a glass of dirty water, 600 dollars for a pound of bacon, war for resources and ideal minds between corporations, the strictness of intellectual property such that when an employee defects or carries something outside his NDA is scrubbing of his complete brain.

All – in – all, this show was a worthwhile watch with directing, acting and backdrop all were designed and executed in an extensively amazing manner. If I were you, I would immediately watch it and relish on a masterpiece, sad we can’t have more of these because the finale pointed to a higher degree of manipulation, espionage and evolution of a conspiracy aimed at tugging the corporations out of their castles in the air and into the ground.

My Rating :- Astounding execution





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