The Flash S3 – Barry VS Himself

Cast :- Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Tom Felton, Candice Patton

Genre :- Superhero, Comic

Well, the famous DC speedster just completed his third season in the air and did it blow minds away.

So, at the end of the 2nd season you see a torn Barry upset on being orphaned and decides to use his ability to run back in time to save his mother. This happened in the comics and was known as Flashpoint. This season chases the concept of Flashpoint at a much smaller and significantly loosely tied chain of events.

Now, keeping in tone with the spoiler-free review I shall refrain from straight upright disclosing plot points but if i do, please bear with me.

So, the comic book chases as I mentioned a plot with Barry living in a world where Barry’s parents all are together and happy as Reverse Flash hasn’t wrecked their lives. It is the same as the comic book in origin except for the fact that Barry has to undo Flashpoint in the comics to prevent a war between Amazonians and Atlanteans from wiping out the human race. But in the show he runs back for a whole different reason.

The comics showed a whole new roster and variations of our favourite superheroes as you know of – Thomas Wayne as Batman, Shazam is not a kid but kids, Captain Adam is kidnapped by Atlanteans as a WMD, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke are a few of the good guys etc. It is understandable that the show didn’t have a substantial budget but I did expect more. Such as Robert Queen being the green arrow or a war between Kryptonians or something like that. I expected that by the end of the season you would see Barry run back in time to prevent his past form from running back to create flashpoint paradox. But there were a lot of intended Comic book references such as

Hi, I’m Barry Allen. You can call me Bart. – Barry

Well, now that we have taken away what i didn’t like let’s see what I did like. The show may not have whole heartedly embraced the concept of Flashpoint but did do wonders in exploring the DC universe as far as the ” Scarlet Speedster” is considered. Gorilla city, future Flash with a better suit etc were all delightful additions to the show and I for one am glad they chased that path.

However, I did miss the rogues and their constant robberies or the introduction of new meta – humans every episode.

Let’s compare how this season was better than the past 2 preceding seasons of the show.  Season 1 was a spectacular one especially because of the acting chops of Tom Cavanagh as the reverse flash and the character being Barry Allen’s ultimate nemesis. Season 2 was good but I didn’t actually love it as much as I loved this season. The main show catching moment of the season was probably the mid – season break where Barry gets thrown into the future and sees the love of his life get murdered by his new nemesis who has sworn to break him for his own reasons which are not revealed until very late in the season (the way it has been kept in the previous seasons.) There is something about the knowledge of a doomed future and how a person tries to change it but still cannot. Unlike the previous seasons where the ending was kept secretive, this season told the roster and chain of events leading to the finale, a little after the mid – season finale. Reveal like that gets the audience hyped and hooked in anticipation for all the information already told and if not properly executed can cripple the show’s audience for a long time in the future. Also, the show pieces together what you would see as flaws in the villains plan at the fag end of the season.

Barry and his nemesis for the season – Savitar

Talking about the future – I was thoroughly impressed with shows creators chasing after future versions of the flash and the concept of time remnants but some words didn’t make sense such as how does Flashpoint link into Savitar being born and why was he mad about it? Because all it did was give him the opportunity to escape the speedforce. And as usual the speedforce episodes were an absolute delight to watch with Black Flash appearing every now and then.

All in all – Flash remains to be on top of my watchlist as always and I hope it keeps on getting better in the following seasons and takes inspiration from even more comic book material than before.


My Rating – Amazing Comic-book adaptation

PS – my rating might be biased as Flash is my favourite superhero. So, if I had to choose between Batman and Flash I would probably kill myself 😦


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