Timeless – Conspiracy to forge America?

Cast :- Abigail Spencer , Matt Lanter , Goran Visinjic

Genre :- Sci – fi, time travel

Well, this year has been one of the most exciting and fun years for me. With more movies and tv shows on time travel making it to the screen then ever before!

So, today’s review is on yet another time travel show. This one I watched the pilot episode based on a friend’s recommendation (and somehow I continued watching and he didn’t :P). The Pilot was good, nothing out of the ordinary, the net few were also good but soon a pattern emerged, a pattern that kept me wanting to know more.

The show revolves around time travel (hope the titles of the show gives that away.) Mason Industries – headed by Connor Mason (Peterson Joseph) develops the world’s first working time travel machine. Recently after it’s first test, there is a break – in and the machine is stolen. The break – in is orchestrated by Garcia Flynn (Goran Visinjic) who intends to use it to kill specific people in time to alter America from being manipulated by a secret organization called “Rittenhouse”. Flynn wants to erase, the organisation from existence so that he can prevent the murder of his wife and kids at the hands of those people. To prevent Flynn from rewriting history, Connor Mason recruits Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) , Matt Lanter (Wyatt Logan) teamed up with their own home pilot Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barett) to take the backup time machine called ” The Lifeboat” to chase Flynn through history and stop him.

Timeless - Season Pilot
The leading trio in front of their lifeboat

Now, the rest of the plot chases around the concept of the good guys chasing the bad guys throughout time to prevent an alteration in the past which would affect their future. You meet a whole lot of historical figures such as Ian Fleming in the World War, George Washington, Ernest Hemingway, Al Capone, Abraham Lincoln etc. You see a whole lot of American historical events being replayed by the characters, now with their involvement in it.

The cast played a terrific job at the roles. There isn’t any one from the lead trio who did better than the other despite the crew and scriptwriter’s attempt at making Lucy Preston outshine the others. Every episode in the season had a pile – up of conspiracy issues and unknown elements in the making. For nobody knows a complete write – up of history unless you have lived it or dedicated a life to studying (neither of which are me.) And whenever you see the lead characters interact with a historical figure such as Ian Fleming for instance – when he used to flirt with Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt would say the hilarious line, “Dude, James Bond is hitting on Lucy.” Now, the guy obviously has no clue because he hasn’t written the books yet and has no idea how famous he will be but that is how a man from the future, an inexperienced time traveler essentially talks to a ghost from the past. The authenticity of the reactions, the backdrop of events in the past even on a low budget seemed authentic and magnificent – no complaining at all.

I felt the backstory of the characters was mildly built, it wasn’t perfect neither was it sore. It was in mid – ground and i wished they had built on it even more. There were a few glitches in between, where they had clothes from a different era and people didn’t seem to bother at all? I wear shorts to a suit convention and people kill me with their dagger looks and how did they survive? Also, I felt they didn’t adhere to the laws of time travel as well as other shows or movies have done. But, the shows benefits far outweigh it’s flaws.

Now, the main reason I continued watching was due to two reasons :-

  1. Conspiracy theories – Rittenhouse feels like a rewrite to the Rothschild conspiracy theory. Rittenhouse seems a lot similar to Rothschild conspiracy. Of how a certain group of individuals set out to change the world, to control modern society from the shadows whilst hiding their names from the historybooks. The show runs throughout history and paints historical figures both as decorated history book veterans and fictional/real story characters – Bonnie/Clyde.
  2. Time Travel – If you have read my reviews in the past you must know by now of my love about the time travel genre. It’s just the unexpected chatter that goes through the plot. Like a future version of you does the thing and the past version of you has no clue how that came to happen. But along the course of the plot you see the instances that lead up to the moment and it most of the time is spectacular. In short it’s the easiest to blow someone’s mind by employing time travel than by any other genre I believe.

I’m Connery, this is Costner and this here is our driver, Robert DeNiro. – manipulating names which the viewer finds funny. Happened all the time along the show’s runtime.

So, summing it up –  I loved the show, adding together the humour, drama, conspiracy and a load of history it felt like a wonderful combination of all these elements keeping it light and dark in the right proportions. I felt the show could have worked on a few new dimensions of a conspiracy that has taken centuries to make but I guess the show is just getting started. Last I heard it was in talks of a renewal, hope they do renew it.

My Rating :- Blinding Delight


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