The Life Of Time

At first there was life,
That knew no struggle, knew no strife.
Creatures strolled all day until the edge of the night,
Food and water their only fight.

Back then there was only life and death,
To govern their journey through the world.
Life gave birth to the soulless creatures,
And death took them away when they could move no more.

But then came the time of Adam and his beloved Eve,
Who felt emotions more complex than joy and grief.
In a plane where there was no age,
Life and death had a child named time, I.

Mother life snapped pieces together,
And father death ripped them apart later.
My duty was to decide,
Which child of Adam had till when to die.

I have seen misery through the ages,
The lives of billions and their different stages.
I feel mother is happier now than father has ever been,
She gives life that people live but don’t seem to ever leave.

The first few centuries were pleasant,
The children lived,
And the children died,
They accepted it and never cried.

Then came the dark ages,
People lived but in the end cried.
When I came to deliver their souls,
They refused to die.

They prayed to mother, they prayed to father.
They didn’t care who answered and who was who,
For they wanted to live a life on earth,
A promised life till the ends worth.

But when the prayers stopped, my parents grew furious,
They came down themselves to do their jobs.
The job they once had but had entrusted me with,
Collecting souls that had gone adrift.

But once they were done, their settled temper saw my reason,
That I was weak and to the children had listened.
From then I swore to do my job and take the souls dew,
Sparing none not even a few.

But the dark ages were not the worst after all,
The children learnt to defy their creators call.
They now use things of which I have never known,
Now I can’t judge if a person is young or old.

I cannot age something that is superficially built,
Alas, by rules they are forbidden to kill.
So, I roam the ages finding a way,
To find when it is someone’s day.

To even the odds, I sped up the clock,
For everything that was built, shall one day die.
Now I hear them cry, “Why does time fly so fast?”
What was their future, soon becomes a forgotten past.

They fear the wrath of hell, crying over demons born,
But the tests of time are harsh, its fate set in stone.
Its a shame the children of Adam have brought it to this,
The sweetness and serenity of their ancestors I sorely miss.

In the beginning there was Life and Death,
They had a child named time, I.
I exist not in your future, present or past,
But alas I shall be till you last.



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