Spider-Man – try 3, worth it?

Cast :- Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Michael Keaton

Director :- Jon Watts

Genre :- Superhero, Action, Comedy

So, Spiderman Homecoming – probably the summer’s most awaited release is the teenage boy’s 6th movie after a two franchise reboot. Starring a marvellous and talented cast it now seems to be temporarily a part of the MCU which gives it a lot of backing from the comic book source material.

So, let’s talk about the plot. We have Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) who is a scrap collector, collecting the rubble from the Avenger battles and is angry that his deal was cut-off with no justification and has cost him a fortune. So, he along with a few of his colleagues goes on a stealing and dealing spree of high-tech alien customised weaponry. Spiderman (Tom Holland) is bored out of his mind with no contact from his mentor – Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) for a few months since their last retreat – Civil War. So, he one night steps in on a bank robbery that involves Adrian Toomes weapons and figures with the devastating capacity they encompass, it needs to be stopped.

That is pretty much the story with a lot of funny details of which I shall talk a bit later.

So, the cast involves a new group which is much younger and not as talented as the past crew but pulled off a stellar job.

  1. Tom Holland, a young actor was a perfect fit for the age – Peter Parker was supposed to portray. The quirkiness, the frustration of being ignored, the rebellious nature of teen spirit all were encased in the spirit of his acting chops.
  2. Zendaya – Michelle A.K.A. MJ who I have no clue how she gets that name portrayed a quirky and snarky bullyish friend of Peter. You see her in parts of the movie, present only to roast Peter and Ned. She isn’t actually comic relief because Peter does it most of the time but when Peter was down she took the mantle gladly.
  3. Ned played by Jacob Batalon, I felt was the greatest addition to the cast out of the blue. He plays the ultra – geeky sidekick A.K.A. “Man in the Chair” – the techy sidekick to every superhero and totally fangirls his best friend.
  4. Marisa Tomei who plays a younger Aunt May did a better job at being Peter’s friendly aunt than the previous versions because those attempted at a different version of her. She was the supportive aunt and not necessarily the controlling figure like Andrew Garfield’s aunt was. You hear instances of how bad her past has been but thank god, they didn’t bore us with that content again – you know, uncle Ben dying and stuff.
  5. Flash Thompson played by Tony Revolori is the son of some wealthy man and might be an Indian origin kid. This oddly is a different take to the usual Flash Thompson’s we have seen in the past who are high school jocks and huge physically superior studs. But this version of the bully is more of a rich kid who flashes his money and stays popular to bully Peter who he envies as being a simpleton. Surprisingly, India seems to be in many Marvel movie – if they can put it, they do put it.
  6. I liked how Robert Downey Jr. A.K.A. Tony Stark was very scarce throughout the length of the film, even though trailers looked like it would be Iron Man 4. You see him as being a father figure and he references those throughout the length of the film as trying to be a mentor as well which was great.
This scene was way more intense than it’s trailer cuts

So, the cast individually performed exceptional but the movie is only as good as the cumulative performance of it’s cast and script and this one did pull that off. I loved the movie, not simply because it’s a Marvel movie (I have disliked a few from the past as I’m a DC guy) but because the script was written to perfection. You see Peter in the first few minutes of the film post his first Avengers mission is trying to contact Tony Stark via Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) but never reaches either. He scrolls messages and messages and sees a reply to none.

Peter Parker: I’m sick of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid.

Ned Leeds: But you are a kid.

Peter Parker: Yeah. A kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands.


You see him – Peter angry and frustrated that Mr. Stark doesn’t trust him in taking care of the suit and pulling outrageous rescues because of the crippling restrictions the suit holds – “Training wheels” protocol amongst others. You see him remain conflicted about his alter-ego’s secrecy – in situations where he wants to tell it but can never do so (“I wear the mask to protect the ones I love” – Batman ideology.) They show how he struggles to go through high school, bored out of his mind but crucial to his cover and is the happiest when he is Spiderman finally. They show these moments where he is trying to do good but there isn’t any crime to thwart – he stops Grand Theft Cycle robberies, helps an old lady find her home, stops a man from breaking into his own car etc. Later on, he gets an AI in his suit who he names Karen that gives him a lot of additional capabilities and you see him trying to figure out what they can actually do. There are a lot of instances in the movie where you can relate to Peter being just amazed by the things happening and you can imagine yourself being in such a condition if you ever were to be in the same situation. And, there are places in the movie where audience questions are answered like “how far can his web actually fly” to or “how does he make his web fluid?” or “what does he do when there are no skyscrapers nearby?”

There are parts in the film where Peter is coming to grips in terms of being a vigilante where he has to be intimidating as well and not just sneaky and taking out bad guys which is a real troublemaker for him because if they don’t hear you, you can be mysterious but confrontation takes that element away.

Marvel movies in every edition tackle an issue that is appealing and relevant to the world. This movie was no different. This edition deals with the contrast in ideology between a teenager and the adults. You have Adrian Toomes who is older but not technically old, who has tasted hot steel throughout his life and is hardened by it. So, he picks up the reins to fight off the ones who wronged him in his own clever, sneaky and under – the – radar kind of way. Peter on the other hand has a much more fresh and unphased approach to how the world operates, more like Captain America in WW2, where there was either bad or good – no other shades. This being a perspective from the eyes of a very young kid who has no idea how snarky the people in the world really are. Adrian Toomes by far was the fastest is deciphering the identity of Spiderman, in any superhero movie ever! He just heard a few cases of disappearances of Peter when his alter-ego vanished and immediately knew who he was. Like how, can no other person be that smart?

The movie fell short in a few places such as , “Where is Peter Parker’s tingling spidey sense because he clearly had it in the fight at the airport in Civil War”, “Why isn’t he clicking pictures of Spider-Man to sell to the Daily Bugle’s chief – Jonah Jameson?” and “Why isn’t  Peter Parker as smart as the comic book versions?” Where he single handed hacked an Iron Man Armour even though here it’s shown to be more of a Ned thing. He is ranked the 9th smartest man in MCU.  I understand he’s a kid and in high school but in the comics at this age he was much smarter. I feel Andrew Garfield’s version was more accurate here (even though.)

All in all, the movie was a laughter riot and not because one character dominated the screen in iconic moments aside from Peter but a whole lot of them. I hope they resolve a few ties in character traits like “what does Aunt May do?” or “why is Zendaya MJ? Is she going to be Peter’s love interest because the only hint of affection you see from her is when she looks at Peter while he walks to the bathroom to meet Happy. Or is she going to be the happy – roasty kind of girlfriend. Presently it feels like an odd fit.”

It’s a really good feeling seeing Peter being a part of the extended MCU as you see all these Easter eggs laid all across the backdrop of the movie (seen Phil Coulson at a blast site near the ATM.)

My Rating :- Amazed by Spiderman



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